Bedbugs Control
1 ) Dispose off the cartons ,old and damp items.
2)Remove the all clothe and on time wash in hot water after spray wait 1 hr 
3 ) Safety practies 
Do not touch spray until dry area and keep the childran away treated area.
1. Bayer Chemicals (HACCP approved) are safe for your Home
2. Superior to local sprays. Can kill full-grown/large insects
3. Only Govt approved safeand odourless chemical by bayer to use

In-home or at business premises, despite the care and attention that are adopted in the cleaning and sanitation of the environments, it is possible that you find yourself in the presence of insects, rats and other unwelcome pests.
In addition to the discomfort that is felt in the presence of these pests, they pose a potential health risk too. The harmful pathogens these infestations bring can cause diseases to humans and pets.
Furthermore, if there are kids or elderly present in the house, then the health risk becomes more severe as they are more vulnerable to the deadly pathogens. This is why it is crucial to promptly act at the first sign of cockroaches, bedbugs, lice, mice, and rat infestation.
How To Get Rid Of Pest Infestation?
Getting rid of these pests is not easy. Often the "do-it-yourself" approach is not very effective. It can, in most cases, worsen an infestation already in progress. Only professionals with the proper knowledge and correct preventive measures can completely eliminate such infestations.
The advice, therefore, is to rely on a company specialized in the pest control sector, such as Omsairam. Only in this way can excellent results be guaranteed. In fact, after a careful inspection, our experts can provide you with the best solution, depending upon the type and spread of the infestation. Omsairam offers the best services of pest and rodent control to get rid of your home or business environments from pest infestation.
Professional technicians from Omsairam first correctly identify the type of pest invading the premises. This process helps to formulate the most suitable strategy for disinfestation or rodent control. Furthermore, it helps to resolve the problem in the shortest time possible.
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