Cockroach and Ants Pest Control Services
1) Chemicals Used
For effectively eliminating the cockrochs infestation we use a combination of repellent and not repellant cockroch chemicals like Temprite ( bayer compay )this is only govt approved safe and or ourless chemical and other chemical use ets., Imidacloprid, chlorpyrifos, cypermethrin and bifenthrin, etc
2) Safety Practices
Do not touch surfaces until dry if necessary pals use glues.
Do not use other chemical e.g.. Hit , other spray and not clean 2 hr. after pest control .
3)Treatment Procedure
Infection all kitchen area and if required empty the kitchen area and apply spray and gel.
Pests are more than just unwanted house guests. Apart from a general feeling of revulsion they infuse and the harmful pathogens they introduce to the environment, they can lead to long-term damage to the facade, building structures, and walls. If a business or a workplace is suffering from pest infestation, then the worst-case scenario also includes closing the business.
It doesn't have to get that far, though. With Pest Control Care India, you can quickly check the spread of any pest infestation and curb it before it can do any significant damage. We can support you with our years of experience in pest control. 
Our methods are tried and tested, efficient, and environmentally friendly.
How to Recognize An Infestation?
Early detection is the key to effectively eliminate pest infestation and prevent it from happening in future. Therefore you must recognize an infestation early. The first signs of the presence of an ongoing infestation are the sporadic presence of insects during the night or traces of excrement around the corners or at the edges. You should also check for bad smell, damage to food packaging, or any crawling insect tracks left on the thin layer of dust on the surface.
If you can identify any sign of these unwanted guests, request the immediate professional intervention of one of the expert pest control technicians from Pest Control Care India.
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