Termite Control Service
Chemicals Used
For effective elimination of insects infestation, we use a combination of repellents like abamectin, cyfluthrin, permethrin, and many more
Our 2 step procedure targets adult bed bugs, cockroaches, and eggs within 15 days. Treatment will be customized after thorough inspection after our 1st visit. 
Pre-Treatment Preparation
1. Dispose of old cartons, newspapers, and other damp items.
2. Washing of bed sheets, cleaning of warm clothing, and cushion covers.
3. Toys need to be washed separately in hot water

Termites are one of the most widespread and destructive insects that invade the home or office setup. They cause extensive damage to wooden structures. Once they manage to infiltrate any building, they attack all types of wooden objects or surfaces that come their way.
They have a voracious appetite and could eat away furniture, books, and fabrics, amongst other things. Furthermore, they have the ability to multiply very fast. Even a small colony of termites could grow many times its sizes within days. For these reasons, termite infestations can be particularly destructive and could cause significant damage to all things wooden.
As termites create tunnels under the surface of the object they attack, eating away from the inside, combating their infestation is particularly difficult. Only the pest control professionals, with the correct approach and through targeted treatments, could deal with a termite infestation.
What Are The Signs Of A Termite Infestation?
Early detection is critical to control the spread of termites effectively. Therefore you must be aware of the signs and symptoms of termite infestation. Once you detect the presence of termites in your home, immediately call the pest control service. Timely intervention could minimize the damage caused by these tiny yet destructive crawlies.
● The presence of cracks and holes in the wood could be the first sign of termite infestation.
● Hollowed-out timber is another telltale sign of termite infestation. They eat the wooden structures from the inside, thereby leaving only a thin veneer of wood.
● Wooden surfaces that are easily damaged. You just need to place a finger on the wooden surface. If it leaves a print on the surface and a powdery substance on your finger, understand that termites have attacked the wood.
● Windows and doors that are difficult to close also point to a termite infestation. Apart from eating it, termites also leave their excrements in the wood, which retain external humidity. It could cause the material to swell, thereby preventing proper closure.

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